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Sterling’s hand reached up and took Chen’s. 

"It’s ok, Rebecca. It’s ok." For a moment he rested the side of his head on her arm for comfort. Both of their comfort. 

"Scared of what, Kira?"

"Being a dad." Kira lifted her face enough to wipe her eyes before going back to her comfort position. "Or having to stick around for me. I never held it against him, ‘cause I thought…’cause I thought at least I had you."

Another tear slipped down his cheek and Sterling swallowed hard. “Kira… I’m so sorry.” He stood up and walked over to hug her but didn’t go all the way in case she was still primarily too angry for a hug. 

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evelynphoenix is one of the most wonderful OCs I have had the pleasure of interacting with. The mun and muse are both fantastic and the time she puts into her writing and character really show.

evelynphoenix is one of the most wonderful OCs I have had the pleasure of interacting with. The mun and muse are both fantastic and the time she puts into her writing and character really show.

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Sterling kept his mouth shut this time. He had said all he had to say. He started back with the bravest, calmest expression he could and took it all. Because he deserved it. He finally got his daughter and she was so angry with him it was unbearable to endure. But he did. Like he did everything.

"When I was younger I always told myself that whatever father I had out there had to be an asshole if he didn’t come for me. Or stay for me… I was right. I’m an asshole. I get it." His voice was low and quiet but calm.

Rebecca finally moved and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder before letting it slid off. “Kira, you don’t get that time back because of me.” she said, sitting down beside Sterling. “I made a choice. I forced others into it. I was selfish and assumed that I knew what was best. Please don’t be like me. Don’t let your fear and anger turn you towards selfish decisions.” Kira opened her mouth, but Rebecca held up her hand. “Imagine, just for a second, that the roles had been reversed. That you knew he was your father, yet you couldn’t tell him.”

Kira was silent for a moment as she brought her legs up to her chest and rested her forehead against her knees, a familiar habit she had picked up from her mother. The only sound in the room was her uneven breaths as she tried to contain her crying. “I never thought my dad was an asshole.” she said quietly. “I always thought he wasn’t around ‘cause he was scared.”

Sterling’s hand reached up and took Chen’s. 

"It’s ok, Rebecca. It’s ok." For a moment he rested the side of his head on her arm for comfort. Both of their comfort. 

"Scared of what, Kira?"

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A gunshot through the man’s wrist was all it took to disarm him as Sterling entered and saw him raising a gun to ACE. 

"I said disable weapons and escape." He scowled as he entered the horror scene. "Not murder." His gun still on the man he shot, he stepped over to the third man other man and checked for a pulse. He didn’t look at ACE. He tried not to look closely at the injuries. Bites and claw marks. Shit, this was worse than he imagined. He thought he was going to be sick.

Keep calm… Stay steady. Professional mode. Adrenaline. Level head. Do it for Ellis.

"You so much as fucking think of fighting back, the next bullet goes in your dick. I intended for all of you to make it out of this alive but if you do not cooperate I will not promise that twice." He told the men, a biting ferocity to his tone and his eyes.

"The casualty was unintended. He twisted wrong when I grabbed his arm - he shot me. The remaining two are minimally damaged."  ACE’s voice replied casually and  unapologeticly over the earpiece - a sharp contrast to the raging beast that appeared barely under control with his muzzle and teeth pointed at the man he had cornered. 

ACE’s blood was among that on the floor - dripping slowly from the entry wound in his chest, caking against his fur. It did nothing to make the scene any less horrific. 

Sterling knew plenty of assassins who killed without mercy or apology, but hearing it from ACE just put a bad taste in his mouth. He shouldn’t have asked him to help. He should have done this alone. He should have gone in first. 

"Put your wrists behind your backs. No one else needs to die today." He snapped angrily at the two men. Sterling forced their hands behind them and cuffed them as securely and tightly as he could while ACE covered him. Dammit, no one was supposed to die.

"Does he have any chance of survival? At all?" He asked ACE. 

"Who the fuck are you talking to…" the man with both hands mangled wheezed through clenched teeth. The answer came a moment later. 

"Preliminary scans suggest if he receives medical attention, soon, he should recover. 3 broken ribs, a mildly punctured lung. It looks worse than it is."   The dog’s aggressive stance remained, his voice rumbling through a low level growl he couldn’t seem to get under control. 

"I only intended to incapacitate his hand. I’m sorry, Sir."   Maybe.. maybe a little bit of something else had spurred him to damage the man beyond Sterling’s orders. But he wasn’t going to admit to that. 

"Geezus christ… it talks?!"  The man rolled over onto his stomach, doing his best to keep it together and offer Sterling his hands… both coated in blood, now. 

"ACE, call an ambulance. No one is dying if we can help it. Which means you two have a total of fifteen minutes to give me what I want or I’m putting a bullet in both of you, do I make myself clear?" Sterling barked at both of them, ignoring their surprise at ACE’s language skills. "Ellis macmurray! You three took him from his home claiming to be CIA. I have all the evidence to put you both away for kidnapping and impersonating CIA agents." He held up a flash drive containing the video footage from Ellis’ home. "You have two options here. Tell me everything you know about what Macmurray is being forced to do and go to jail or you keep your mouths shut and I spend the next 15 minutes making sure you suffer before I kill you." He cocked his gun, done with games. "Where is he? What do you have on him? Who do you work for?"

Sterling had no intention of killing these men. He had no I tension of torturing them. But this wasn’t SHIELD anymore. Recent events had hardened him. He wasn’t sure what he was capable anymore. He worked for no one. He wore gloves to prevent fingerprints. He could do this by the book or off book. But it was up to them.

"Start talking."

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                                                             I will



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                               Either they click, or they don’t.


Electricity down. On phone..

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Kira finally looked up, the hurt painfully obvious in her eyes. “So it’s okay for me to have a father figure, just not a father?”


"No." She pointed at Sterling. "You grew up without a dad. And you," she pointed at her mom. "Grew up with one who was never around. And your idea on how to make my life better was ‘well, let’s just have her grow up without a dad too?’ I’m failing to see how that was a great idea in your guys’ eyes."

"It wasn’t." Sterling said plainly and calmly. "It was in no way a good idea… but it was all that we had for you at the time. It was a poor choice and it hurt you. I know. You have every right to be angry."

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agentsterling replied to your post “*side-eye at cat* i know you can clean yourself but you need a…”

[Hold the front legs together and lather and rinse with the other hand. XD Good luck, soldier.]

…i dont think its THAT easy

if there is one thing i know for certain about cats, its that they are bastards when it comes to bathing

[That’s how I bathed mine alone. Yeah, it’s better when you have people but if you gotta do it yourself? Hold the front legs at least. Those claws are murder but it’s not as bad as you would expect. Cut off all exits.]

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• agents of shield | the only light in the darkness + d e t a i l s

i logged into my non aos blog and this was the first post on my dash and i was just like… this looks so familiar. didn’t i make a post with some of these screencaps??? 

and then i realized it was my post

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Rebecca didn’t sit down. She was still slightly frozen and far too scared to actually move. A part of her thought that maybe if she didn’t move, she’d somehow realize this was a dream and everything would reset. She knew it was a silly thought, but it’s what kept her firmly standing up.

Kira stared at her hands the entire time. She had so many questions and yet none of them surfaced. They kept hiding behind the biggest question of them all. “Why?”

"A number of reasons." Sterling said calmly. He couldn’t speak for Chen though. "Commitment issues I’m sure was one. Also, I may not look it but I’ve got enemies that make it dangerous for those around me. I don’t carry pictures with me. Not in my wallet or my phone. Not in my home. So that nothing can get back to anyone I care about." He stopped and took a deep breath. "I’m sure she was frightened. New mother. Didn’t want to force me into staying with her for you. Didn’t want to… be responsible for driving your father away. So she lied. And I joined because it was her choice… and I thought it was best for you at the time. We’re all human, Kira. We’ve all done things we regret. I’m just sorry this one hurt you so badly."

He had no idea how accurately he described how Chen felt but he tried to paint her in as positive a light as possible.

If Rebecca was her usual self, she might have rolled her eyes at the commitment issues statement. But she wasn’t. She was fractured and tired, knowing that no matter what she said, it wouldn’t make any difference. “I wanted what was best for both of you.” she said quietly, staring off into space. “I wasn’t a good person. I wasn’t the type of girl who had kids and settled down. Keeping you both around me seemed like a disaster waiting to happen. So I kept you both in the dark. I wanted him to have a future with someone who wanted the same things that he did, and I knew that was harder to get when you threw a kid into the mix. And I kept him from you because, god forbid, if anything had happened to him, I didn’t want you to know what it felt like to lose him.” She looked at their daughter. “I had a limited time to make a choice, and this was the one I picked. Maybe it was the wrong one, but I did my best.”

Kira continued to stare at her hands. “If it was so important to lie to me to protect me from dangerous people around you, then why bother being around me? Wouldn’t that be just as dangerous?”

"No one knew we were related. You want to hit someone hard you take their family. I’ve had people threaten to torture my sisters just because I was carrying a picture of them with me. I covered my tracks as best I could but when your mother didn’t want to tell you I thought… maybe it was for the best. But I never had a father growing up… and when I did he was worse than not having one. I couldn’t let you grow up without a father figure who truly… loved you. And honestly…" He smiled through the tears. "Who could stay away from that beautiful face?"


"Thanks everyone for coming out tonight! I hope we can all forget our troubles tonight and just take a breath, you know. Let’s give it up for Joey for always hosting out violent, drunken, sorry asses."


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Their usual SHIELD karaoke nights on Saturdays were a thing of the past, but that didn’t stop Sterling from trying to organize a gathering. SHIELD agents would know that Joey’s meant the Blue Roof bar owned by Joey Laroe. One more karaoke night. Check in on each other after the fallout of HYDRA. The ones who survived. The ones who weren’t traitors. He was very careful, very selective about who he had invited to the event to make sure they could be trusted. After all, having a room full of SHIELD agents if HYDRA was still hunting them and inviting HYDRA? It was like doing their job for them.

[Hey kiddies! It’s been a while since we’ve done a SHIELD karaoke night so some of you may not know what’s going on. Before the fall of SHIELD a lot of the agents would meet at the bar and sing karaoke, mingle, blow off steam. Here is a sample intro post for it explaining everything you need to know. Please, only come if you are a good, honest-to-God loyal SHIELD agent. I will be very pissed if a traitor to SHIELD shows up and starts shooting. Just don’t be that guy. SHIELD loyals only. 

And if your character is supposed to be underground fighting HYDRA but you still want to participate, AU it. It’s just a fun side thing for everyone after Cap 2 because honestly it seems like half these characters have depression. So let’s fill them with alcohol, give them a fun night, and them home to be emotionally devastated drunks like usual.

Remember to keep it all in the ‘shield karaoke night’ tag.

Have fun, kiddies!]

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